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This blog is a record of all the projects I have and am currently working on. The projects vary from being 3d printing focused to electronics and software focused. I hope to give you enough detail and context so that you could go away and recreate my projects.

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  • Smart Watch V1
    Note: This project is ongoing and I will continue to add posts about its progress Background So to give a little context surrounding the origins of this project, back in 2014/15 I was learning how use Arduinos. I had just begun experimenting with Attiny85 microcontroller and I had the idea to use the attiny85 inContinue reading “Smart Watch V1”
  • Smart Mirror
    (More Images to Coming Soon) Background Information Unlike most of my other projects there was no real reason for this project, it doesn’t really solve a problem I just thought making a smart mirror would be cool. I moved into a new house over the summer and my bedroom used to be a study/library soContinue reading “Smart Mirror”
  • Smart LED Panels
    (More images to follow) Background info During summer of 2020 I moved into a new house with some other students at my university. Like a lot of student houses many rooms that initially served a different purpose had been converted into bedrooms. In my case my room used to be a study or library andContinue reading “Smart LED Panels”

Some of my older projects have been archived as they were completed some time ago and weren’t documented very well. Because of this, they will be less detailed than the newer projects but hopefully they will still be interesting.

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This is a blog designed to document my projects and inspire others to start their own. I aim to provide as much detail and context as possible so that my readers can understand the thought processes behind the my decisions and could recreate my projects at home

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